Equine and Horse Resources for WV, PA, and OH

The Equine Legal Team at Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC is proud to serve the equine community’s legal needs and also provide a place for locating equine and horse resources relevant to industry businesses and horse enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re new to horses or long-entrenched in all things equestrian, a horse owner, breeder, or business serving equine needs, occasions will arise in which you need to choose a veterinarian, find information about equine events, or find a local or national horse association. 

Image of a horse standing in a stable doorway, representing the horse resources and information needed to provide for all aspects of horse care and equine businesses.

What You’ll Find in This Library of Equine and Horse Resources

The use of horses in the US has transitioned from a primary form of transportation and work to predominantly pleasure riding and competition. Regardless of the purpose or nature of your involvement, questions can arise regarding care, legislation, and safety. And sometimes you just want to find like-minded enthusiasts. On the linked pages, we provide lists of resources to help you find answers to your equine searches in the following areas:

We hope you find our collection of horse and equine sites helpful, and please feel free to contact the Equine Legal Team with additional resources you’d like to see added to the list.

Horse Breeders in WV, PA, and OH

Whether you’re buying a horse or interested in breeding one, finding the right breeder is critical. Breeders vary in the breeding process used, the breed of horses they work with, and their record of success. If you’re looking for a breeder in WV, PA, or OH, check our resources on the Horse Breeders page.

Horse Resources for Real Estate and Property Matters

Horses require land. As a result, real estate matters are not uncommon in the equine community. Whether you’re buying or selling a farm or ranch or seeking to build or rehab improvements like a barn or stables, real estate transactions and related dealings come into place. But equine real estate matters involve factors not generally considered for residential or other uses. On the Equine Real Estate Resources page, we have gathered some resources to help you find the right property for purchase or the right stable for boarding.

Horse Training Facilities in WV and Surrounding States

Choosing the right horse training facility or professional requires a little research. Whether you’re interested in dressage, eventing, beginner riding lessons, or basic halter and leader training, finding the right training requires knowing your goals, your starting points, and the style of training to best nurture you and your horse. On the Horse Training Resources page, we’ve collected various training resources to help you discern what you want to learn, how you want to learn it, and who offers the services you seek.

Equine Supplies: Tack, Equipment, and Feed

Your activities with your horse determine the tack and supplies you will need, but finding them and narrowing down what’s best for you and your horse can be a challenge. English versus Western riding, competition pursuits versus pleasure riding—each requires particular equipment. And each horse requires a routine feeding schedule with quality feed and hay and pasture time. Check out the horse resources on Equine Supplies Resources page regarding feeding information and suppliers in WV, PA, and OH.

Veterinarians, Farriers, and Other Equine Service Providers in WV and Nearby States

By nature and due to how they’re used, horses have unique health and care needs that must be provided by specially trained professionals. Top on the list are equine veterinarians and farriers. For sick care or routine maintenance, ensure your horse’s good health by vetting those who help you provide that care. To start your research, check out the information on Veterinary Services and Farriers Resources page.

Equine and Horse Resources Include Legal Services

Equine interests often spur legal questions. Boarding contracts, syndication agreements, competition event planning, breeder agreements, risk management and insurance planning—all involve legal documents even if there is no dispute. Whether you own a single horse, board horses for others, or organize or sponsor equestrian events, you need a WV equine lawyer with horse sense—someone who knows both the law and horses. 

We hope the listings and information included here simplify your searches for various horse resources so you can focus on enjoying your horses and/or running your equine business. And when you need assistance with equestrian legal matters, the Equine Legal Team at Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC is uniquely equipped to help with your legal questions. For a consultation, call (304) 521-6120 or complete this online contact form.

Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC is providing this listing of equine industry professionals as a courtesy; any equine industry professional can request to be listed here and the firm in no way endorses any of the following business, professionals, or their services. To have your equine business listed in our Resources clearinghouse, please contact [email protected]