Your Equine Legal Team

Businesses in the equine industry, those serving them, and horse owners and enthusiasts can face unique legal needs. When legal issues or questions arise, these businesses and individuals need guidance on equine legal matters from counsel who understand the distinctive aspects of keeping, breeding, riding, and training horses and the special needs of the industries that serve them. In West Virginia (WV), Pennsylvania (PA), and Ohio (OH), these businesses and individuals find a ready and capable equine law team at the Clarksburg, WV office of Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC.

Serious Equine Law Services for WV, PA, and OH

Horse industry businesses and hobbyists are a breed all their own. When legal questions or problems arise, they need knowledgeable legal counsel who also understand horses and the special people who work with them. Those businesses or individuals in WV or surrounding states can call the equine legal team at Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC for sure-in-the-seat assistance with equine legal needs.

Image of a farrier shoeing a horse, representing how the equine law team at Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC serves the legal needs of businesses and individuals in the equine industry.

What Is an Equine Lawyer?

The equine industry includes businesses beyond those who deal directly with horses. This covers a lot of ground—breeding, boarding, riding lessons, event planning, veterinary care—and a variety of legal issues and needs can arise. Equine legal matters cover just as much ground. Equine lawyers serve horse lovers and horse industry businesses and individuals in equine law as well as several other areas of law, such as these:

  • Breeding and boarding contracts

  • Liability risk management

  • Real estate matters

  • Business formation

  • Tax planning

  • Personal injury

Horse industry businesses and individual owners, boarders, riders, and trainers need counsel they can rely on to understand the types of problems that can arise in this area, how they differ from similar problems in other industries, and how the law approaches equine legal issues. With connections in the horse world, the Jenkins Fenstermaker equine legal team is the go-to equine legal resource.

Jenkins Fenstermaker Equine Law Team Leader Allison J. Farrell

Leading the Jenkins Fenstermaker equine legal team is Allison J. Farrell, accomplished attorney and lifelong horse enthusiast. Her passion for horses began in childhood, when she would ride her bike to the nearest stables on the outskirts of Buffalo, New York to offer her “services” mucking out stalls in return for riding privileges. As an adult, she channels her continuing enthusiasm for all things horses into growing her equine legal practice, managing a farm with her husband in central West Virginia, and riding her beloved horses in her free time.

An image of Allison J. Farrell, Team Leader of the Jenkins Fenstermaker Legal Equine

A seasoned attorney, Allison has the depth of knowledge to understand and effectively handle all varieties of equine legal issues. And as a horsewoman, she has insight into the equine world and how adding horses to the equation can impact the kinds of problems that can arise and the law’s unique approach to equine legal matters. The equine legal team, which also includes a dedicated title abstractor and paralegal, is centrally located in Clarksburg, WV. Together with colleagues in the Huntington, WV office, Jenkins Fenstermaker offers convenient service to equine clients in the Mountain State, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

Why Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC

The equine legal team in Jenkins Fenstermaker’s Clarksburg office provides experienced legal counsel across all practice areas implicated by equine endeavors. With the Clarksburg legal team’s support and the greater firm’s resources, Allison serves the horse community’s legal needs in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, providing a full range of services for all legal needs facing horse owners, enthusiasts, and businesses.

If you have a question about equine law or a horse-related matter in WV, PA, or OH, call the Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC equine legal team by calling 304.521.6120 or completing this online contact form.