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By Allison J. Farrell of Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC on 12/08/2020
What Is Equine Law?

When I tell people that I am an equine attorney, they seem incredulous that "equine law" is a field of practice. The first question I get is, "Really? What is it that you DO?" The answer is, I help horse owners and equine entrepreneurs protect the operations they have built as labors of love.

Image of a girl sitting backward on an English-saddled horse, representing how Allison J. Farrell can answer “what is equine law” and how it can help you protect your investment and passion going forward.

Truth is, no one gets into horses for the money, not even equine lawyers. (Old joke: How do you make $1 million in horses? Start with $3 million. Ha!) We work with horses because we love them like family and want to share them with everyone who will listen. If we can make a career out of horses, then I think we can safely say we are #winning.

What Does an Equine Lawyer Do?

The answer to “what is equine law” requires a look at the answerer’s motivations. I find great satisfaction in helping my clients plan for and protect the barns, businesses, and breeding operations they have worked so hard to build. What I do, in all seriousness, is help equine owners and entrepreneurs protect themselves on the front end with contracts and advice to help guard against potential problems—even disasters—down the road.

And if they come to me after disaster strikes, I jump in to help them sort through the mess and put things back to right, whether "helping" means negotiation, litigation, settlement, or a combination of all three. Managing liability—before and after an incident—is key to protecting your horses and yourself.

At the end of the day, I know that when I help a lesson barn with a liability waiver and schooling agreement, the contracts I handle on the front end make possible those smiles and all that confidence learned by the shy 12-year-old girl in my client's lesson class. And that is the best part of what I do as an equine attorney.

How to Find Qualified Equine Lawyers

You’ve invested your heart and hard-earned money into your equine passion. Get in front of the risk so you don’t end up looking back at the loss of your investment. Whether you have a single horse out of love for the animal or are an equine entrepreneur, protect your horses and yourself by working with a qualified attorney with horse sense like Allison J. Farrell.

As an equine lawyer in West Virginia, Allison combines a shared love of all things equine with her passion for helping people solve problems. To learn the answers to more questions like “what is equine law” and find out how Allison can help you, check out the resources at, follow her on Facebook, schedule a consultation by calling (304) 399-9763, or complete this online contact form.

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