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By Allison J. Farrell of Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC on 06/30/2022
Horse Rescue in West Virginia

Have you considered adopting from a horse rescue center? The benefits of equine rescue are tremendous for horses and for those who love them. Whether you are looking for your perfect equine companion or want to help organizations that rescue horses, read on to learn more about the needs of rescue horses.   

Image of two horses, representing the need to contact WV equine lawyer Allison J. Farrell for WV equine legal services related to horse rescue.

The Need for Horse Rescue

Horses can become homeless or require rescue for numerous reasons. In the worst cases, a horse may be removed from its owner because of neglect or abuse. In other cases, an owner might not be able to care for their horse any longer due to disability or financial problems. In either event, a rescue center or organization may be able to care for a horse permanently or until it can be relocated to a good home. 

Most equine rescue centers operate as nonprofit organizations and are established by people with experience with horses or the equine industry. These groups often rely on caring volunteers and generous donors to provide the necessary resources to care for the horses they rescue. 

A rescue organization must also understand and operate in compliance with the laws in its jurisdiction. Before attempting to set up a West Virginia (WV) equine rescue center, you should retain the equine legal services of an experienced WV equine lawyer

Consider Adopting from a Horse Rescue Center

All horses need a loving home. If you are considering purchasing a horse, rescue centers near you may have a horse in need who could be a perfect fit. Giving a good home to a rescue horse can be one of the most rewarding decisions you ever make. 

Most horse rescue operations will not permit a horse to be adopted until it is healthy and sound. While many abused and neglected horses will need to be rehabilitated, rescue centers often have horses for adoption that have been previously well cared for and loved. As a result, there are usually a wide variety of rescue horses to choose from. 

Rescue centers want to place their horses with the right owner and can help you determine which horse is a good fit for you. They usually have strict requirements for potential new owners. You will likely have to prove your ability to care for your horse properly and that you are or will be a responsible horse owner. 

Consider Supporting Equine Rescue

If adopting from a horse rescue is not in the cards at the moment, you can still help the cause. When planning your charitable giving, consider supporting equine rescue services and organizations. There are many ways you can help save equine lives and provide new homes to horses in need. Some of the best ways to help include the following:

  • Learn more about equine rescue missions in your area.
  • Make a financial donation to one or more rescue operations.
  • If you have experience caring for horses, volunteer your time helping at a rescue center.
  • If you have fund-raising experience, volunteer your time to help raise awareness and/or funding for a rescue mission.
  • Consider adopting a rescue horse if you have the time, space, and commitment required. 

Contact an Experienced WV Equine Legal Services Attorney

Every WV equine rescue needs legal guidance to be aware of and compliant with all relevant laws. For example, if you plan to run a nonprofit organization or association, you also want to be sure you establish the organization using the correct business structure. You will need the counsel of a WV equine lawyer who understands your mission as well as how to best structure the legal entity. A horse-loving attorney who provides top-notch WV equine legal services can help you establish your rescue program and operate it for maximum benefit.   
Whether you are looking to adopt a rescue horse or to establish or run a horse rescue operation, having an experienced WV equine lawyer on your team can help you is critical to the success of your venture. In West Virginia, you’re in capable hands with horsewoman and equine attorney Allison J. Farrell at Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC’s Clarksburg office. Schedule a consultation with Allison today by calling (304) 521-6120 or by completing this online contact form