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Equine Risk Management: Don’t Leave It to Chance

By Allison J. Farrell of Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC on 11/30/2021

People who own horses or run equine businesses and organizations are an adventurous breed. After all, these activities are not for the faint of heart, and both horse ownership and equine business pursuits require significant commitments of time and energy. While horse people are not afraid of hard work, when it comes to equine risk management, some may be tempted to muck that stall tomorrow. That procrastination could be costly.

Equine Breeding Contracts: When a Mare Fails to Catch

By Allison J. Farrell of Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC on 08/19/2021

Even when you are an equine attorney and you have overthought everything to the point where you are sure your plans are foolproof, Mother Nature can still pull a fast one. For me, a recent effort to breed a mare underscored the importance of careful review and attention to equine breeding contracts.

Equine Business Loan Considerations in West Virginia

By of Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC on 08/16/2021

Horses require a great deal of routine care that can be quite costly. Feed, water, shoes, veterinarian care, and stabling all add up. You can try to earn a return on your investment by starting an equine business. You may even want to look into some equine business loan considerations to help bridge the financial gap from hobbyist to professional. However, there is an old joke that bears repeating—Q: How do you make a million dollars in horses? A: Start with three million!

On the Benefits of Horseback Riding

By Allison J. Farrell of Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC on 05/12/2021

Now in the second year of a global pandemic, many of us are looking for healthy ways to cope with stress and grief—myself included. And while I am no medical professional, I can tell you that our horses here at Almost Heaven Vanners provide health benefits that no therapist or physician could quantify.

Starting a Horse Business: Changing Your Mindset from Pastime to Profession

By Allison J. Farrell of Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC on 03/23/2021

Many people with hobbies related to horses will tell you that their involvement often extends a bit deeper than the term “pastime” would suggest. For most of us, our equine endeavors are as central to who we are and the lifestyle we live as any other aspects of our lives. It’s human nature to want to marry your passion and occupation into one blissful union, and it’s not uncommon for horse people to start wondering, “How can I make money with horses?” Starting a horse business, though, should involve extensive evaluation of your goals and serious business planning. There is some truth to the old joke, which asks: “How do I make $1 million in the horse business?” Of course, the old answer is “Start with $3 million.” Ha.

Spring Horse Fever? Keep a Cool Head with a Horse Buying Checklist

By Allison J. Farrell of Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC on 02/23/2021

As I sit at my computer on this frozen February day, with our fields iced over and the horses sporting winter blankets, it is hard to believe that the sun and warm temperatures will ever return to our little corner of West Virginia (WV). But they eventually will, and I must admit that, despite the ice storm gripping the nation, I already have spring horse fever. Due to this affliction, I finally ordered the trail saddle I have been talking about for two years, and I am trying to schedule dates for trail rides and horse shows.

What Is Equine Law?

By Allison J. Farrell of Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC on 12/08/2020

When I tell people that I am an equine attorney, they seem incredulous that "equine law" is a field of practice. The first question I get is, "Really? What is it that you DO?" The answer is, I help horse owners and equine entrepreneurs protect the operations they have built as labors of love.

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Sometimes People Act The Fool: Why You (Yes, You) Need Equine Liability Insurance

By Allison J. Farrell of Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC on 10/05/2020

I get asked all the time: why do I need commercial liability insurance for my equine business? Savvy business owners know that Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and the majority of all other nearby states have an equine “shield” law that essentially says horseback riders ride at their own risk. But that does not completely protect your equine investment.

Horse Sales Are Strong: Protect Yourself When Buying or Selling a Horse

By Allison J. Farrell of Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC on 08/27/2020

Use horse sense—get sound legal advice before buying or selling a horse. Attorney Allison J. Farrell explains.

Equine Liability: Don’t Risk Your Kingdom on a Half-Nailed Shoe

By Allison J. Farrell of Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC on 07/17/2020

A horseback riding accident can happen in the blink of an eye. One moment, you are happily trotting down a trail. The next moment, you are flying head first into the unforgiving trunk of a tree. What the heck just happened?