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From their  central location in the heart of Appalachia's horse country, your equine lawyer and Jenkins Fenstermaker's Equine Legal Team serve equine industry clients in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio from the firm's newest office in downtown Clarksburg, West Virginia.

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While the firm’s Clarksburg office opened in 2017, the attorneys and professionals working in North Central West Virginia continue to carry on the firm's century-long tradition of excellence. Founded by the legendary John Jenkins, Sr. in Huntington, WV in 1923, Jenkins Fenstermaker is a full service law firm with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to solo operations spread across the United States.

Our team brings the experience and quality representation for which Jenkins Fenstermaker has long been known to the field of equine law for the benefit of clients throughout West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

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Jenkins Fenstermaker’s Clarksburg, WV equine attorneys provide responsive, customized legal solutions for horse owners and related businesses and organizations throughout West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

The Mane Point

30 Nov
Image of a horse with a warning sign, representing the need for horse owners, businesses, and organizations to engage in equine risk management and how WV equine lawyer Allison J. Farrell can help.

Equine Risk Management

People who own horses or run equine businesses and organizations are an adventurous breed. After all, these activities are not for the faint of heart, and both horse ownership and equine business pursuits require significant commitments of time and energy. While horse people are not afraid of hard work, when it comes to equine risk management, some may be tempted to muck that stall tomorrow. That procrastination could be costly.

19 Aug
Image of a mare and foal, representing the need for the assistance of a WV equine attorney in legal matters related to equine breeding contracts.

Equine Breeding Contracts: When a Mare Fails to Catch

Even when you are an equine attorney and you have overthought everything to the point where you are sure your plans are foolproof, Mother Nature can still pull a fast one. For me, a recent effort to breed a mare underscored the importance of careful review and attention to equine breeding contracts.

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When You Need an Equine Lawyer, Our Equine Legal Team Is Ready to Help

What is equine law, and why are legal matters related to horses and the industry around them best handled by an equine lawyer? Because the equestrian world is unique and specialized, and your equine attorney should have “horse sense.” You wouldn’t hire a plumber to train your horses; likewise, you shouldn’t hire an attorney without equine experience for legal matters related to your horses or horse-related business. Whatever your equine legal needs, reach out to the Clarksburg, WV Equine Legal Team of Jenkins Fenstermaker today by calling (304) 399-9763 or completing our online contact form.